Our History

A History of Performance

At Demand Tech, we have a long history of developing cost-effective performance management tools that assure the reliability and smooth operation of Windows servers.

Our Genesis

The original Performance Sentry software was developed in the mid-1990s when major organizations around the world began relying heavily on large-scale Windows deployments to run mission-critical applications.

In 1998, Demand Technology Software, Inc. was founded by Mark Friedman as an independent company—owned and operated by the team of developers who first built the technology.

Continued Growth

In May 2000, the company merged with Datacore Software. During the next four years, the original team of developers continued to enhance the Performance Sentry technology and build a customer base comprising some of the largest and most respected companies in the world.

In June 2004, Demand Tech’s original development team re-established Demand Technology Software as an independent software firm.

Demand Tech Today
Today, Demand Tech is the leader in Windows performance management. We continue to build and enhance Performance Sentry to help our customers continuously diagnose and solve their toughest Windows performance problems.