Performance Sentry VM 2.0 now available

Cape Coral, FL, Jul 18, 2014 – Demand Technology Software, Inc., the creator of Performance Sentry®, announces the release of Performance Sentry VM™, version 2.0.

Demand Technology Software announces that Version 2.0 of Performance Sentry VM is available today at its website for new and existing customers.  Version 2.0 improves on version 1.0 by simultaneously connecting to and gathering performance data from multiple ESX servers.  Performance Sentry VM provides all available VMware performance metrics in Windows format allowing any Windows performance monitoring framework to collect, analyze, and report detailed VMware metrics.

“Version 2.0 builds on version 1.0 by enabling Performance Sentry VM to retrieve data from all servers under the control of a single vCenter.  This new capability allows for easier deployment and management by VMware System Administrators,” remarked Phil Henninge, President of Demand Technology Software.  “Our enterprise customers appreciate the non-proprietary format of the data allowing them to use exiting tools to collect, analyze, and report the detailed data.”

Performance Sentry VM version 2.0 is a multi-threaded service which connects to vCenter Server to determine ESX Servers (hosts) and Virtual Machines (guests) under its management.  Individual threads then connect directly to each ESX server to retrieve host and guest performance data.

Performance Sentry VM runs on Windows Server 2008 and 20012.  It is licensed per monitored VMware ESX Server.  Volume licensing is available.  Installation is simple and has no performance impact on the VMware vCenter Server.  Customers can install and begin looking at detailed VMware performance data in a matter of minutes.

Mark Friedman, Chief Technology Officer for Demand Technology Software, explained “Performance Sentry VM bypasses inherent problems with vCenter by connecting directly to the individual ESX Servers to retrieve detailed performance data.  Because the data is presented in Windows counter format, it is accessible through WMI, perfmon, and other popular monitoring frameworks for correlation with Windows Server performance data.”

Performance Sentry VM integrates with Demand Technology Software’s Microsoft SQL Server-based non-proprietary Performance Database (PDB) and web portal front-end giving performance analysts a variety of SQL-based options and tools for analyzing and reporting VMware performance data.


About Demand Technology Software, Inc.

Demand Technology Software is an industry leader in Server Performance Management and Capacity Planning, delivering innovative performance monitoring tools that keep large-scale server environments running smoothly.

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