Performance Sentry version 4.0 supports enterprise-ready real-time alerts

Performance Sentry version 4.0 supports real-time alerting.

NAPLES, FL, May 4, 2011 – Demand Technology Software, Inc., the creator of Performance Sentry® and NTSMF®, announces the release of version 4.0 of Performance Sentry. The enterprise-oriented Windows performance management tool has been enhanced to support real-time alerting that can be used either standalone or to interface with leading data center management frameworks.

“Performance Sentry has been the performance monitor of choice in many of the world’s largest and most demanding IT environments since 1998,” says Phil Henninge, President of Demand Technology Software. “We are very pleased to add an enterprise-ready alerting feature to our Windows performance monitoring suite. Our customers have told us repeatedly over the years that they would welcome real-time alerting, but only if we dealt intelligently with the problem of the excessive volume of alerts that undercuts the effectiveness and relevance of alerting in the large-scale data centers they manage. We believe our new alerting feature addresses those quite valid concerns.”

Included in the new release is a totally new implementation of the Sentry Administration program that is used to manage and maintain NTSMF data collection. “Our GUI interface was showing its age,” reports Mr. Henninge. “We have totally re-written it to use Windows Presentation Foundation and take full advantage of the latest Microsoft technology. The new program is sleeker, and is considerably more intuitive to use than its predecessor,” he adds.

Major new features in release 4.0 of Performance Sentry also include:

  • New capabilities in the Microsoft SQL Server-based Performance Sentry Portal to report on the new Alert events.
  • Complete support for the extensive new measurement data added in VMware ESX version 4.1.
  • The Performance Sentry Portal now supports reporting on the complete range of measurement data available from Performance Sentry VM.
  • A new capability in the NTSMF data collector to associate the Windows Process ID with each instance of the SQL Server performance objects. In tandem, a new JOIN facility was added to the Performance Sentry Portal to report on process level statistics such as CPU usage and working set measurements for each unique SQL Server instance.

Performance Sentry provides low overhead data collection across any size Windows server environment. Data collected by Performance Sentry is directly supported by Merrill’s MXG and SAS Institute’s ITRM.


Performance Sentry Version 4.0 is currently available for evaluation at the Demand Technology Software website, Existing customers with current maintenance will receive new release download information via email.

Resellers can obtain information on programs and pricing by calling 239-261-8945, or by e-mail: [email protected].

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Demand Technology Software is an industry leader in Server Performance Management and Capacity Planning, delivering innovative performance monitoring tools that keep large-scale server environments running smoothly.

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