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What do these SQL Server counters mean?

MS SQL Server tuning is very similar to any other powerful Database Management System (DBMS), with similar performance and tuning considerations. For example: 1. How effective are the memory-resident database buffers at reducing disk I/O? 2. Where have you placed the database transaction recovery log files? 3. Does the database design minimize contention for SQL […]

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Where are my SQL Server 2000 counters?

Beginning with SQL Server 2000, performance objects are named differently depending on whether you are running a single, unnamed instance of SQL Server or either a named instance or multiple instances of SQL Server. If you are installing SQL Server on a machine that is also running a previous version of SQL Server, then you must install […]

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If I am running multiple instances of SQL Server, how do I figure out which instance of the sqlservr.exe process data maps to which SQL Server instance?

On machines where multiple instances of SQL Server are installed, you will see multiple instances of the sqlservr.exe process running. You will need a procedure for associating the performance data at the SQL Server process level — which provides processor utilization statistics and overall memory consumption — with the SQL Server performance counters for that […]

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